How we do it

Quality and Service

Quality assurance procedures at Gauthier assure each product's ability to meet or exceed your specifications. Many of these procedures have been developed by us and were responsible for winning our coveted Quality Performance Award. Excellence in product quality and zero-defect goals are the result of the pride which each member of our company continues to exhibit.

Service and on-time delivery are goals which we continue to meet -- day after day. Our customers are assured that we will maintain skilled production personnel to accommodate delivery requirements of large production runs. Constant awareness and improved methods of monitoring production status and delivery schedules get your product into your hands, on time -- when you need it.

Lower prices at Gauthier Industries are achieved in many ways. Our skilled engineering personnel analyze your specifications to achieve the most cost-effective production method. Our computerized estimating and analysis of these methods result in our ability to pass on cost reductions to each of our customers.

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