How we do it

Laser / CNC

Gauthier Industries features advanced sheet metal capabilities: laser cutting, CNC turret presses, and a state-of-the-art programming software system. This gives us added versatility in fabricating both small and large parts. For you, this means greater accuracy, faster delivery, and lower cost.

All of our CNC turret presses are equipped with auto index stations, which allow much greater flexibility in generating odd shaped or contoured parts. Many times parts can be produced without dedicated tooling and part designs can be inexpensively modified to meet changing design requirements.

Our Finn-Power CNC's have full sheet capacity and can punch up to 1/4" material. It also performs operations such as countersinking, emboss and louver forming, and name stamping, which can eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Our laser cutting systems has full sheet capacity and eliminates the need for a shear operation. Another benefit of the laser is reduced setup time and no special tooling requirement, making it ideal for prototyping and fast turnaround.

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