What we do

Sheet Metal Stamping

Gauthier Industries has the versatility to produce a wide variety of stampings: from small to medium size and from 1/4" to .010" thick. For shorter runs, semi-permanent tools are used to reduce tooling costs. For longer runs, permanent tooling is used to minimize the per-part cost through high-speed operation and by combining multiple operations into a single die.

Gauthier Industries' versatility also extends to secondary operations. This includes coining, special cutting and forming, milling, drilling and tapping. We can accommodate your special finish requirements as well as other machining operations like double-disc grinding and honing. To complement these operations, component assembly and sub-assembly work, plus welding -- GMAW (wire feed), GTAW (heliarc) and spot welding -- are offered.

You can depend upon us for a quality stamping -- delivered when you need it!

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